Folklore Protection – A Perusal Within the Current IP Regime – Chandni Ghatak

Law and Policy of Traditional Cultural Expressions: A Global Perspective – Pragyan Deep Agarwal

A Critical Analysis of the Registration of Geographical Indications vis- à -vis Recipes – Ruchika Chouhan

Countering the Counterfeits: The Role of Blockchain – Kalyan Revella

Copyright Protection and its Relation to Parodies – Chaitali Wadhwa

Performer’s Right: Development and Protection – Isha Kaushal & Z. Zakhar Naved

Analyzing Plain Packaging Requirement from the Perspective of TRIPS – Karan Singh Chouhan

Assessing Single-Colour Registrability- Principled on the United States’ Approach – Aditya Gupta

Is Competition Law an Interventionist Instrument of Intellectual Property Rights? – Sangeetha. M & Saravanan. R

Legality of Parallel Imports with Respect to Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents: An Analysis – Shaivi Shah & Palash Moolchandani

This volume can be downloaded as a PDF here.