Abstract: 12th May, 2020, marks an important day for India. On this day, the Government of India announced an economic package named ‘Atmnanirbhar Bharat Package’ worth ₹20 Lakh Crores. At the outset, this package was introduced as a respite for the Indian economy which was severely suppressed by the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. But this campaign was never introduced as a temporary relief mechanism. The introduction of this campaign followed a nation-wide ban on Chinese apps and was followed by several import restrictions. Further, the continuous usage of taglines like ‘vocal for local’ makes it clear that the aim of this economic package was widespread and long-term. This campaign, if implemented properly, aims at making every Indian self-reliant. Since its introduction, the campaign has been viewed in light of several legal, social, and political facets. One such facet, which has the potential to bring success to this campaign, would be Geographical Indications. In this paper, the author has weighed the campaign in light of the existing Indian legal regime surrounding Geographical indications. The author has also suggested some steps in the area of GI which, if complied with, can catalyse India’s journey towards becoming Atmanirbhar.

Author: Yashi Agrawal is a 5th Year law student at the Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur. The author may be reached at yashiagrawal@nlunagpur.ac.in.

The full text of the article can be found as a PDF here

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