Abstract: This research paper will analyze the global law of policy of Traditional Cultural Expresssions (TCEs). The paper has been divided into four parts. Part one deals with various forms of legal protections that can be used for the protection of TCEs. This will include protection within intellectual property and outside intellectual property. Part two deals with the international attempts that have happened in the past or are currently under way that seek to protect TCEs in some or the other way. Part three deals with the protection afforded to TCEs in various countries around the globe. This will include countries from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Finally, part four will deal with documentation of TCEs for its protection and preservation. Initiatives at international, national and individual level will be discussed.

Author: Pragyan Deep Agarwal is a 5th year undergraduate law student of the University School of Law and Legal Studies, Indraprastha University, Delhi. The author may be contacted at deeppragyan13@gmail.com.

The full text of the article can be found as a PDF here.

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